2018 Annual Symposium Volunteer Program

As in past Symposia of the IAVS, the participation of student volunteers is important to the success of the Symposium.  The Local Organizing Committee is offering prospective attendees the possibility to volunteer at the Symposium in exchange for a discounted registration fee.

Volunteers will be expected to perform a variety of tasks during the Symposium and may be asked to fulfill multiple assignments. The Local Organizing Committee will be responsible for distribution of tasks among volunteers. The total number of hours for each volunteer may vary, but all volunteers will have time to participate in the Symposium. The final number of volunteers has yet to be determined, pending finalization of the program and associated activities.



  • Acceptance of an abstract for presentation, either oral or poster
  • Familiarity with use of audiovisual equipment
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Availability to participate in mid-symposium excursions
  • Previous experience in volunteering at a scientific congress is not necessary, but would be a positive factor

Types of activities to be performed during the Symposium

  • Logistic support at the Registration Desk
  • Assistance to speakers during oral sessions
  • Assistance in:
    • Logistic support at vendor stands
    • Logistic support for mid-symposium excursions
    • Logistic support during arrival/transport/departure of attendees


A general orientation and training session will be held on Sunday, July 22 and all volunteers are requested to attend this session. The location and time where this session will take place will be sent to the approved volunteers.

Please note that volunteers are expected to register and make their own reservations for accommodation and transport.  Possible discounts in registration fees will be made in the form of reimbursement during the Symposium.



There will be a check box during the registration process that you should check if you would like to be considered as a volunteer for the IAVS 2018 Symposium.

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