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Annual Symposium Excursions Post-Symposium Excursions

Post-Symposium Excursions

For the Pre and Post Symposium excursions, please remember to include in your travel plans the airfare from or to the city where the excursion will start. In some cases this could be your arrival point in Brazil.

Excursion 1: National Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros (18/06 to 23/06) - 6 days

Departure: from Pirenópolis and arrival in Brasília.

Group Leaders: Cassia Munhoz (Universidade de Brasilia) and José Roberto R. Pinto (Universidade de Brasilia)

Number of participants: Minimum = 20 , Maximum = 40

Due to the nature of the roads, this excursion will be done in small buses or vans (each with capacity for 13-14 people with luggage)

Price: BRL $2700.00.  If the organizer has confirmed your place in this excursion, please use this PayPal form to submit payment for registration.  You will be asked to select your excursion from the drop down menu.  Please see cancellation policy below.

Local: Alto Paraíso ( on the Veadeiros Plateaux, a highland complex with altitudes ranging from 800 m to 1650 m located in the State of Goiás, Central Brazil (centered at c. 14° S, 47° W). The complex has a very diverse landscape including areas of grasslands and low scrubby cerrado on rocky outcrops at high altitude, and cerrado woodlands on shallow soils derived from quartzitic and arenitic rocks. The flora of the  Veadeiros Plateaux is rich and contains many endemics.

Day 1 (18/06): Departure from Pirinópolis (8:30 a.m.), travel to Alto Paraíso. Visit to a rubber tree plantation. We will see serpentine cerrado vegetation of Goiás state (Niquelândia), where Cerrado species shows Ni hyperaccumulation, and other heavy metals. Arrival in Alto Paraíso (6:00 p.m.).

Day 2 (19/06): Seasonally dry tropical forests are present on mountain slopes – there are deciduous and semideciduous forests distributed in regions with pronounced seasonality in rainfall and, in most cases, mineral-rich substrates. The dry forests are usually scattered throughout other vegetation types such as wet forests, savannas and woodlands and the transition between forest-savanna, has a species composition very different from Cerrado sensu stricto. Malvaceae (Cavanillesia umbellata- Brazilian Baobab, Pseudobombax tomentosum); Bignoniaceae (Handroanthus and Tabebuia), Fabaceae (Hymenaea, Acacia, Anadenanthera) Anacardiaceae (Myracrodruon urundeuva), Cactaceae.

Day 3 (20/06): Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. Located on an ancient plateau with an estimated age of 1.8 billion years. The park was listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2001. It occupies an area of 655 square kilometers. We will do a trail (about 8 km) through rocky grasslands, rocky cerrado and palm swamp with a rich and endemic flora, especially in the Eriocaulaceae, Lythraceae, Clusiaceae/Calophyllaceae, Asteraceae, Poaceae, Melastomataceae, Xyridaceae and Velloziaceae. Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is noted for its waterfalls. We will see waterfall of 80 to 120 meters high, include the Canyons. (

Day 4 (21/06): Visit to the OCA BRAZIL Institute ( The Institute Oca Brazil manages a nursery of native Cerrado species in the city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás. The nursery is a reference in quality standards being used as a training school for nursery owners. Visit to the “Loquinhas” waterfall (, we will be able to see gallery forest and cerrado sensu stricto. Free time after 3:00 p.m., city tour, shopping gifts crafts. There is also an optional possibility of a hot air balloon flight (The maximum number of persons per flight is 8 and the flight lasts approximately 1 hour and the cost will be around US $130 per person).

Day 5 (22/06): “Fazendinha” Private Farm Cerrado Nature Reserve (!oquefazer/cjg9). We will do a track through of the rocky grasslands, rocky cerrado, palm swamp and gallery forest. Grassland Landscape rich in star-flowers (Eriocaulaceae, Xyridaceae and Cyperaceae). Climb to the belvedere viewpoint to see the sunset in the mountains. Luau dining experience in “Fazendinha” with fire pit and moonlight.
Day 6 (23/06): Return to Brasilia (arrival around 1:00 p.m.).



Excursion 2: Coastal Forests and Dunes (18/06 to 21/06) - 4 days - Canceled

Due to logistic concerns Post-Symposium Excursion 2: Coastal Forests and Dunes has been cancelled. However, an excursion with the same itinerary has been included as Pre-Symposium Excursion 3. The dates for the new Pre-Symposium Excursion are from 07 to 10/06. Please look at the Pre-Symposium web page for more information.

Cancellation Policy for Excursions (Penalty)

If you have not done so already, please make your payment for the Excursions by April 1st.

  1.   Cancellation with substitution of participant - 15%
  2.   Cancellation without substitution prior to 15 April - 50%
  3.   Cancellation without substitution after 15 April - no refund

Next Meeting

2021 IAVS Annual Symposium: Madrid, Spain, 27 June - 2 July 2021
We are sorry to announce that the Vladivostok symposium has been cancelled. Please, read details at the symposium website. We hope to see many of you next year in Spain!


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