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Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award

Each year IAVS recognizes the young scientist (a student, or a graduate within three years of completion of a degree) who has made the most outstanding oral presentation at the annual meeting of the Association. Thee winner is awarded 1000€ to be used to attend one of the subsequent two annual meetings of the Association.

First prize: 
Teja Kattenborn (Germany): Combining Convolutional Neural Networks and high resolution UAV imagery - a powerful tool for vegetation mapping (Co-authors: Jana Eichel, Sebastian Schmidtlein)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):  
Kathrin Litza (Germany)Historical or present-day conditions – which variables affect the forest specialist diversity in hedgerows? (Co-author: Martin Diekmann)
Sara Middleton (UK): When are traits "functional"? A demographic perspective (Co-authors: Rob Salguero-Gomez, Andy Hector)

First prize: 
Francesco Petruzellis (Italy): Make it simpler: alien species decrease functional diversity of coastal plant communities (Co-authors: Enrico Tordoni, Andrea Nardini, Tadeja Savi, Giovanni Bacaro)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):            
Anina Coetzee (South Africa): Evolution of flower colour polymorphisms in sunbird-pollinated Erica (Ericaceae) (Co-authors: Colleen Seymour, Claire Spottiswoode)
Julian Schrader (Germany)Species area requirements shape species pool and richness on small islands (Co-authors: Christian König, Soetjipto Moeljono, Meelis Pärtel, Holger Kreft)
Sonya Geange (Australia): Phenotypic plasticity and plant water use in a changing climate: a multi-species, multi-site investigation (Co-authors: Fernando Valladares, Mark van Kleunen, Christina Richards, Silvia Matesanz, Nicola Aitken, Meisha-Marika Holloway-Phillips, Adrienne Nicotra)

First prize:  Francesco Petruzellis (Italy):
Sampling intraspecific variability in leaf functional traits: practical suggestions to maximize collected information. (Co-authors: Chiara Palandrani, Tadeja Savi , Roberto Alberti , Andrea Nardini, Giovanni Bacaro)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):            
Maria Majekova (Czech Republic): Temporal fluctuations and functional traits in high-diversity plant communities (Co-authors: Francesco de Bello, Alena Vítová,, Jiří Doležal, Jan Lepš)
Manon  Hess (France): Microwave soil heating for controlling invasive plant species germination (Co-authors: Mélissa De Wilde, Hugo Fontes, Loïc Willm, Nicole Yavercovski, Elise Buisson, François Mesléard)
Morgan Raath (South Africa)Do positive plant-plant interactions expand the upper distributional limits of vascular plant species on Marion Island? (Co-author: Peter C. le Roux)
Stephni van der Merwe (South Africa): Do plant-plant interactions affect functional traits? (Co-authors: Michelle Greve, Peter C. le Roux)

Joint First Prize: Anina Coetzee (South Africa). The importance of Proteaceae species richness in providing nectar resources. (Co-authors: Phoebe Barnard, Anthony G. Rebelo & Anton Pauw)
Joint First Prize: Michele Dechoum (Brazil). Factors controlling grassland occupancy by shrubs in montane systems in Southern Brazil (Co-authors: Pedro Cavalin, Nivaldo Peroni & Francisco I. Pugnaire)
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Gorgone Barbosa (Brazil). Can fi re be used as a management tool to control invasive grasses in Cerrado. (Co-authors: Vânia Pivello, Lara Souza & Alessandra Fidelis)

First Prize: Inga Hiiesalu (Estonia).
Below ground vs above ground plant richness in a long-term grassland management experiment. (Co-authors: Vojtěch Adamec, Jitka Klimešová, Štěpán Janeček & Francesco de Bello)
Honorable mention: Jana Eichel (Germany). Lining plant traits to a geomorphic disturbance gradient: the biogeomorphic window concept for lateral moraines. (Co-authors: Angela Pannek & Martin Diekmann)
Honorable mention: Stefanie Stenzel (Germany). Support monitoring of habitat types with remote sensing - ‘Yes we can!’ or ‘See the limits!’ (Co-author: Sebastian Schmidtlein)
Honorable mention: Mária Májeková (Czech Republic). Evaluating functional diversity: missing trait data and the importance of species abundance structure and data transformation. (Co-authors: Taavi Paal, Nichola S. Plowman, Michala Bryndová, Liis Kasari, Anna Norberg, Matthias Weiss, Tom R. Bishop, Sarah H. Luke, Katerina Sam, Yoann Le Bagousse-Pinguet, Jan Lepš, Lars Götzenberger & Francesco de Bello)

First prize: Angela Pannek.
Comparing resource-based and co-occurrence based methods for estimating species niche breadth (Co-authors: Michael Manthey and Martin R. Diekmann)
Honorable mention: Christina Birnbaum. Do soil microbes drive Acacia species invasion in non-native ranges in Australia? (Co-authors: Michelle R. Leishman)
Honorable mention: Jessica Parker. Exploring the spatial and temporal dynamics of the relationship between precipitation and aboveground vegetation biomass (Co-authors: Charles G. Curtin and Craig F. Conley)
Honorable mention: Daniel Montesinos. The puna vegetation of Moquegua, South Peru: Chasmophytic communities and grasslands (Co-authors: Antoine M. Cleef and Karlè V. Sýkora)

First prize: Heath Garris.
Climate warming-induced heat events lead to intra-seasonal variation in productivity and community-aggregated functional traits at temperate latitudes
Honorable mention: Jasper Wubs. Restoration groundwork: testing large-scale soil transplantation to facilitate rapid vegetation development on former arable fields. (Co-authors: Wim van der Putten, Martijn Bezemer)
Honorable mention: Priscilla Loiola. Environmental variables and aboveground plant traits predict plant biomass and root productivity in tropical savannas and seasonal forests. (Co-authors: Michael Scherer-Lorenzen, Marco Batalha)

First prize: Ching-Feng Li.
The pattern of neutral- and niche-based processes along the temperature gradient in Taiwan. (Co-authors: D. Zeleny, Tze-Ying Cheng, Chang-Fu Hsieh)
Honorable mention: Saerom Han. Effects of  open-field experimental warming on leaf phenology of Quercus variabilis seedlings (Co-authors: Yowhan Son, Haegeun Chung, Nam Jin Noh, Sun Jeoung Lee, Wooyong Jo, Tae Kyung Yoon, Koong Yi, Chan-Woo Park, Suin Ko)

First prize: Renaud Jaunatre (France).
Impacts of a multi-treatment restoration experiment on the vegetation, soil and seed bank of a mediterranean steppe. (Co-authors: E. Buisson, T. Dutoit)
Honorable Mention: Maud Bernard-Verdier (France). Detecting community assembly patterns along a soil depth gradient in a mediterranean rangeland.(Co-Authors: M. Vellend, M. Navas, E. Garnier)
Honorable mention: Neema Mogha (Germany). Impact of land-use on vegetation communities and their floristic composition in the small wetlands of East Africa. (Co-authors: C. Honda, B. M. Moeseler, M. Alvarez, M. Langensiepen)

First prize: S. Vanderplank.
The perennial vegetation of greater San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico. (Co-authors: E. Ezcurra, J. Delgadillo)
Honorable mention: A. Fidelis. Short-term changes caused by fire and mowing in Brazilian Campos grasslands. (Co-authors: C. Blanco, S.C. Müller, V.D. Pillar, J. Pfadenhauer)
Honorable mention: A. Lumbreras. Ecology of aquatic Ranunculus communities in the west of the Iberian Peninsula: a center of water crowfoot biodiversity. (Co-author: J.A. Molina)

First prize: Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa (Montreal, Canada).
Improving diagnostic species analyses by considering combinations of groups. (Co-authors: M. Moretti, P. Legendre)
Honorable mention: Carly Stevens (England). Impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on European calcifuge grasslands.
Honorable mention: Vanessa Minden (Germany). Plant functional traits in relation to disturbance in salt marshes of NW Germany. (Co-author: M. Kleyer)

First Prize: Gerald Jurasinski (Germany).
Upward shift of alpine plants increases floristic similarity of mountain summits. (Co-authors: J. Kreyling, C. Beierkuhnlein)
Honorable mention: Marina Semchenko (Estonia). Foraging for space by plant roots: a comparative study of grasses from contrasting habitats. (Co-authors: K. Zobel, M.J. Hutchings)
Honorable mention: Kuo-Jung Chao (Taiwan). Vegetation of the lowland tropical rainforests in Taiwan. (Co-authors: W.-C. Chao, C.-F. Hsieh)
South African Development Community Prize: Peter le Roux (South Africa). Rapid altitudinal range expansion and the formation of no-analog communities in response to warming. (Co-author: M.A. McGeoch)

No award was given

Joint First Prize: Jonathon Lenoir (France).
Western European forest plant species move up in response to climate change. (Co-authors: J.C. Gegout, P.A. Marquet, P. De Ruffray, H. Brisse)
Joint First Prize: Michael Forster (Australia). Sclerophyllous response to complex environments in the heterophyllous species Acacia implexa (Benth). (Co-author: S.P. Bonser)

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