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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee administers the Awards Program of the Association (except for the Editors’ Award) and proposes to the Governing Board scientists to receive Association awards.

Chair, Joop H. J. Schaminée


Sara Cousins
Martin Diekmann
Deborah Goldberg
Jan Lepš
Nina Smits

Business & Management Special Committee

The Business & Management Special Committee oversees the administration and management of the Association, and advises the Governing Board in developing future business plans.

Chair: Susan Wiser

Martin Diekmann
Michael Lee
Robert Peet

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee discusses ethical guidelines and standards for publications, but also for the practice and application of research in vegetation science. Its aim is to develop a Code of Professional Ethics for the International Association for Vegetation Science.

Chair, Kerry Woods

Guillaume Decocq
Kazue Fujiwara
Keith Kirby
Annette Otte
Meelis Pärtel
Tom Wentworth

Global Sponsorship Committee

The Global Sponsorship Committee is responsible for facilitating greater participation in the Association by vegetation scientists facing financial and/or linguistic challenges, and for reviewing applications for waiver of membership fees and applications for free digital access to JVS and AVS.

Chair, Alessandra Fidelis - Brazil

Jürgen Dengler - Germany
Kersti Püssa - Estonia
Martin Zobel - Estonia
Pavel Krestov - Russia
Emin Ugurlu - Turkey
Alireza Naqinezhad - Iran
Brian Isabirye - Uganda
Ndafuda Shiponeni - Namibia

Meetings Committee

The Meetings Committee coordinates the Symposia of the Association and associated excursions. It evaluates proposals to host the meeting, advises the local organizing committees, and works to assure conformance with the established guidelines of the Association.

Chair, Javier Loidi

Guillaume Decocq
Jason Fridley
Gudrun Bornette
Meelis Pärtel
Valério Pillar
Angelika Schwabe-Kratochwil
Franklin Scott
Otto Wildi

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee serves to promote increased membership in the Association and better services for members. This includes solicitation of input from members or potential members, and the assessment of member services and benefits.

Chair, Michael Palmer

Michael Barbour
Alessandra Fidelis
John Hay
Inga Hiiesalu
Monika Janišová
Jitka Klimešová
Hoshino Yoshinobu
Alicia Acosta (liaison to the Global Sponsorship Committee)
Nina Smits (liaison to various committees)

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee oversees the publications of the Association. It reviews and approves proposals from the Chief Editors for major changes in the structure and content of the journals, and is responsible for a recurring 4-year review of the Chief Editors.

Chair, Robert Peet
Members: Helge Bruelheide (DE)
Hans Henrik Bruun (DK)
Jessica Gurevitch (US)
Tomáš Herben(CZ)
Michael Manthey (DE)
Bastow Wilson (NZ)
Martin Zobel (EE)

Reports: 2001 | 2005 | 2007 | 2011-12 | 2012-13


Vegetation Classification Special Committee

The Vegetation Classification Special Committee serves as a contact for all vegetation 
classification and mapping initiatives, facilitates communication among working groups 
and helps to pass information to all members.

Chair, Miquel De Cáceres

Milan Chytrý
Ulrich Deil
Pavel Krestov
Javier Loidi
Ladislav Mucina
Robert Peet
Jean-Paul Theurillat

Website & Social Media Special Committee

The Website & Social Media Special Committee reviews the general structure and content of the Association website, updates links to other websites, and develops ideas about how to use new social media for communication in the Association.

Chair: Gerald Jurasinski (acting)  

Jesse M. Kalwij
Michael Palmer
Solvita Rusina

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