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Analytical Tools and Software

Ecoinformatics Tools:

CBI -- USGS Center for Biological Informatics -- An online data and information management source
EML -- The Ecological Metadata Language
International Society for Ecological Informatics
Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB)
Metacat -- The flexible XML Database
SALVIAS -- Spatial analysis of local vegetation inventories across scales
SEEK -- Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge



ISEI, The International Society for Ecological Informatics


Angiosperm Phylogeny Website
Phylogeny Programs

Synthesis tools:

SynBioSyst - Europe Statistical tools:
DMAP - Distribution mapping software
Jari Oksanen's Software for community analysis
JUICE -- Program for analysis and classification of phytosociological tables
Mike Palmer's Ordination Webpage
MULTIV -- MULTIV Can perform flexible exploratory analysis, randomization testing and bootstrap resampling with multivariate data. It can handle qualitative, quantitative and mixed data types, offering several options for data transformation, resemblance measures, ordination and clustering techniques.
SYNCSA -- Is an application program designed for the analysis of trait-based community data, also known as 'functional types' or 'functional traits' analysis. The main challenge in this type of analysis is that it usually requires the consideration of three data matrices: one describing populations by a set of traits (characters), another describing communities by the performance of the populations and a third one describing the community sites by ecosystem factors or effects. It can perform an integrated analysis of these community, population and environmental data structures. The main feature of the application is the availability of different optimization algorithms to select the trait subset and the number of population groups (functional types) in order to obtain maximum congruence with ecosystem factors or effects (environmental variables)
Vegan -- Jari Oksanen's package
VegAna (Vegetation edition and Analysis) is an integrated software package oriented toweards the storement, management and analysis of ecological data.

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