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Numerous research institutions and national agencies have established databanks of species composition data that serve a multitude of purposes ranging from purely scientific to applications in nature conservation and landscape planning. Simultaneously, massive amounts of spatially explicit data on site attributes (e.g. climate, soils, topography) have become available. In addition, comprehensive data on specific taxa (e.g. distribution, phylogeny, life-history traits, functional attributes) are becoming available. This emerging availability of large quantities of species co-occurrence, site attribute, and taxon attribute data is transforming the study of ecological communities.
The IAVS Working Group for Ecoinformatics was formed to facilitate the access to and analysis of such data. In particular, we wish to
(1) establish standards for data exchange to facilitate data sharing,
(2) provide tools for data identification, access, integration, storage, and analysis, and
(3) facilitate communication among scientists studying community ecology through exploration of multiple large databases. We invite vegetation scientists from around the world to join us in this enterprise.

Contact person: Borja Jiménez-Alfaro, [UMIB (CSIC/UO/PA), Spain]
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Steering Committee

Borja Jiménez-Alfaro (Chair)
Sebastian Schmidtlein
Viktoria Wagner
Susan Wiser
Andrei Zverev

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The Working Group has sponsored the international plot index to facilitate identification of and access to vegetation plot data. Please register your database at

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