Working Groups Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG)

Name: Eurasian Dry Grassland Group

Acronym: EDGG

Mission statement: EDGG is a network of researchers and conservationists dealing with natural and semi-natural grasslands in the Palaearctic (Europe, North Asia, North Africa). The basic aims of the EDGG are  to compile and to distribute information on research and conservation in dry grasslands and steppes beyond national borders and to stimulate active cooperation among grassland scientists (ex-changing data, common data standards, joint projects and databases).


How to join: Everybody who is interested in natural and semi-natural grasslands in Palearctic realm can become a member of the EDGG. Please simply write an e-mail including your complete address to Idoia Biurrun (, who handles the membership list.

Membership: IAVS membership not obligatory


2018 Working Group Report
2017 Working Group Report

Year of the Working Group foundation: 2008

Number of Working Group members: 1261

Steering committee:

DIDEM AMBARLI: Editor-in-Chief of homepage, Deputy conferences coordinator. E-mail:

IDOIA BIURRUN: Membership Administrator, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulletin, Deputy Field Workshop Coordinator. E-mail:

JÜRGEN DENGLER:  Coordinator for Special Features, Coordinator for EDGG Expeditions.

ANNA KUZEMKO: Book Review Editor, Facebook Group Administrator, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulletin, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of homepage. E-mail:

PÉTER TÖRÖK: IAVS Representative, Contact Officer to other organisations, Deputy Coordinator of Species Features, Deputy Secretary-General, Deputy Book Review Editor. E-mail:

STEPHEN VENN: Secretary-General, Deputy Membership Administrator, Deputy Policy Officer, Deputy Facebook Group Administrator. E-mail: Stephen.Venn@Helsinki.Fi

MICHAEL VRAHNAKIS: Conferences coordinator, Policy Officer, Deputy Contact Officer to other organizations. E-mail:

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