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From the temperate forests of southern South-America to the deserts of Mexico, passing by neotropics and the islands of the Caribbean, the subcontinent “Latin America and the Caribbean” has a slice of everything for vegetation scientists! However, it is largely under-represented in international publications of vegetation science, and it is often easier for researchers to collaborate with European and US researchers than with local ones. By creating this regional section of the IAVS we aim to give structure and access to a large network of international researchers (local and international) who are interested in studying the vegetation from this vast region and in sharing this interest with the rest of the globe.
The IAVS regional section “Latin America and the Caribbean” was created to promote international and regional collaborations between researchers who are interested in the vegetation from Latin America and the Caribbean. In particular, our objectives are:
  • to promote national and international programs of vegetation survey across Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • to produce an overview of research in vegetation science in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • to organize scientific meetings;
  • to encourage international research collaborations in Latin-American and Caribbean vegetation survey;
  • to promote technical and theoretical competence and knowledge in the Latin-American and Caribbean vegetation scientist community.
How to join the LACS group?

Membership in the LACS is open to all persons free of charge; membership in the IAVS is encouraged by not required. Membership in the LACS is obtained by:
  • written application to the LACS Membership Administrator, or
  • registration for participation in a conference, workshop or field trip of the LACS, or
  • specified when joining or renewing membership in the IAVS.
We are currently organizing the election of our first steering committee. To nominate someone, please contact Marius Bottin ( and Lucrecia Lipoma ( You may want to subscribe to the google group and introduce yourself to the members through this channel.
Until the official vote for the steering committee, the following persons will organize the activities of the section; please do not hesitate to contact them for ideas, comments and suggestions:
Gwendolyn Peyre
Lucrecia Lipoma
Glenda Mendieta
Adalgisa Aria Chaib Ferreira
Susan Aragon
Marius Bottin

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