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Awards Oral Presentation Award

Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award

Each year IAVS recognizes the young scientist - student, or holder of an advanced degree (undergrad/Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD) within three years of completion of his/her degree-
 who has made the most outstanding oral presentation at the annual meeting of the Association. Thee winner is awarded 1000€ to be used to attend one of the subsequent two annual meetings of the Association.

First prize: 
Teja Kattenborn (Germany): Combining Convolutional Neural Networks and high resolution UAV imagery - a powerful tool for vegetation mapping (Co-authors: Jana Eichel, Sebastian Schmidtlein)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):  
Kathrin Litza (Germany)Historical or present-day conditions – which variables affect the forest specialist diversity in hedgerows? (Co-author: Martin Diekmann)
Sara Middleton (UK): When are traits "functional"? A demographic perspective (Co-authors: Rob Salguero-Gomez, Andy Hector)

First prize: 
Francesco Petruzellis (Italy): Make it simpler: alien species decrease functional diversity of coastal plant communities (Co-authors: Enrico Tordoni, Andrea Nardini, Tadeja Savi, Giovanni Bacaro)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):            
Anina Coetzee (South Africa): Evolution of flower colour polymorphisms in sunbird-pollinated Erica (Ericaceae) (Co-authors: Colleen Seymour, Claire Spottiswoode)
Julian Schrader (Germany)Species area requirements shape species pool and richness on small islands (Co-authors: Christian König, Soetjipto Moeljono, Meelis Pärtel, Holger Kreft)
Sonya Geange (Australia): Phenotypic plasticity and plant water use in a changing climate: a multi-species, multi-site investigation (Co-authors: Fernando Valladares, Mark van Kleunen, Christina Richards, Silvia Matesanz, Nicola Aitken, Meisha-Marika Holloway-Phillips, Adrienne Nicotra)

First prize:  Francesco Petruzellis (Italy):
Sampling intraspecific variability in leaf functional traits: practical suggestions to maximize collected information. (Co-authors: Chiara Palandrani, Tadeja Savi , Roberto Alberti , Andrea Nardini, Giovanni Bacaro)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):            
Maria Majekova (Czech Republic): Temporal fluctuations and functional traits in high-diversity plant communities (Co-authors: Francesco de Bello, Alena Vítová,, Jiří Doležal, Jan Lepš)
Manon  Hess (France): Microwave soil heating for controlling invasive plant species germination (Co-authors: Mélissa De Wilde, Hugo Fontes, Loïc Willm, Nicole Yavercovski, Elise Buisson, François Mesléard)
Morgan Raath (South Africa)Do positive plant-plant interactions expand the upper distributional limits of vascular plant species on Marion Island? (Co-author: Peter C. le Roux)
Stephni van der Merwe (South Africa): Do plant-plant interactions affect functional traits? (Co-authors: Michelle Greve, Peter C. le Roux)

Joint First Prize: Anina Coetzee (South Africa). The importance of Proteaceae species richness in providing nectar resources. (Co-authors: Phoebe Barnard, Anthony G. Rebelo & Anton Pauw)
Joint First Prize: Michele Dechoum (Brazil). Factors controlling grassland occupancy by shrubs in montane systems in Southern Brazil (Co-authors: Pedro Cavalin, Nivaldo Peroni & Francisco I. Pugnaire)
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Gorgone Barbosa (Brazil). Can fi re be used as a management tool to control invasive grasses in Cerrado. (Co-authors: Vânia Pivello, Lara Souza & Alessandra Fidelis)

First Prize: Inga Hiiesalu (Estonia).
Below ground vs above ground plant richness in a long-term grassland management experiment. (Co-authors: Vojtěch Adamec, Jitka Klimešová, Štěpán Janeček & Francesco de Bello)
Honorable mention: Jana Eichel (Germany). Lining plant traits to a geomorphic disturbance gradient: the biogeomorphic window concept for lateral moraines. (Co-authors: Angela Pannek & Martin Diekmann)
Honorable mention: Stefanie Stenzel (Germany). Support monitoring of habitat types with remote sensing - ‘Yes we can!’ or ‘See the limits!’ (Co-author: Sebastian Schmidtlein)
Honorable mention: Mária Májeková (Czech Republic). Evaluating functional diversity: missing trait data and the importance of species abundance structure and data transformation. (Co-authors: Taavi Paal, Nichola S. Plowman, Michala Bryndová, Liis Kasari, Anna Norberg, Matthias Weiss, Tom R. Bishop, Sarah H. Luke, Katerina Sam, Yoann Le Bagousse-Pinguet, Jan Lepš, Lars Götzenberger & Francesco de Bello)

First prize: Angela Pannek.
Comparing resource-based and co-occurrence based methods for estimating species niche breadth (Co-authors: Michael Manthey and Martin R. Diekmann)
Honorable mention: Christina Birnbaum. Do soil microbes drive Acacia species invasion in non-native ranges in Australia? (Co-authors: Michelle R. Leishman)
Honorable mention: Jessica Parker. Exploring the spatial and temporal dynamics of the relationship between precipitation and aboveground vegetation biomass (Co-authors: Charles G. Curtin and Craig F. Conley)
Honorable mention: Daniel Montesinos. The puna vegetation of Moquegua, South Peru: Chasmophytic communities and grasslands (Co-authors: Antoine M. Cleef and Karlè V. Sýkora)

First prize: Heath Garris.
Climate warming-induced heat events lead to intra-seasonal variation in productivity and community-aggregated functional traits at temperate latitudes
Honorable mention: Jasper Wubs. Restoration groundwork: testing large-scale soil transplantation to facilitate rapid vegetation development on former arable fields. (Co-authors: Wim van der Putten, Martijn Bezemer)
Honorable mention: Priscilla Loiola. Environmental variables and aboveground plant traits predict plant biomass and root productivity in tropical savannas and seasonal forests. (Co-authors: Michael Scherer-Lorenzen, Marco Batalha)

First prize: Ching-Feng Li.
The pattern of neutral- and niche-based processes along the temperature gradient in Taiwan. (Co-authors: D. Zeleny, Tze-Ying Cheng, Chang-Fu Hsieh)
Honorable mention: Saerom Han. Effects of  open-field experimental warming on leaf phenology of Quercus variabilis seedlings (Co-authors: Yowhan Son, Haegeun Chung, Nam Jin Noh, Sun Jeoung Lee, Wooyong Jo, Tae Kyung Yoon, Koong Yi, Chan-Woo Park, Suin Ko)

First prize: Renaud Jaunatre (France).
Impacts of a multi-treatment restoration experiment on the vegetation, soil and seed bank of a mediterranean steppe. (Co-authors: E. Buisson, T. Dutoit)
Honorable Mention: Maud Bernard-Verdier (France). Detecting community assembly patterns along a soil depth gradient in a mediterranean rangeland.(Co-Authors: M. Vellend, M. Navas, E. Garnier)
Honorable mention: Neema Mogha (Germany). Impact of land-use on vegetation communities and their floristic composition in the small wetlands of East Africa. (Co-authors: C. Honda, B. M. Moeseler, M. Alvarez, M. Langensiepen)

First prize: S. Vanderplank.
The perennial vegetation of greater San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico. (Co-authors: E. Ezcurra, J. Delgadillo)
Honorable mention: A. Fidelis. Short-term changes caused by fire and mowing in Brazilian Campos grasslands. (Co-authors: C. Blanco, S.C. Müller, V.D. Pillar, J. Pfadenhauer)
Honorable mention: A. Lumbreras. Ecology of aquatic Ranunculus communities in the west of the Iberian Peninsula: a center of water crowfoot biodiversity. (Co-author: J.A. Molina)

First prize: Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa (Montreal, Canada).
Improving diagnostic species analyses by considering combinations of groups. (Co-authors: M. Moretti, P. Legendre)
Honorable mention: Carly Stevens (England). Impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on European calcifuge grasslands.
Honorable mention: Vanessa Minden (Germany). Plant functional traits in relation to disturbance in salt marshes of NW Germany. (Co-author: M. Kleyer)

First Prize: Gerald Jurasinski (Germany).
Upward shift of alpine plants increases floristic similarity of mountain summits. (Co-authors: J. Kreyling, C. Beierkuhnlein)
Honorable mention: Marina Semchenko (Estonia). Foraging for space by plant roots: a comparative study of grasses from contrasting habitats. (Co-authors: K. Zobel, M.J. Hutchings)
Honorable mention: Kuo-Jung Chao (Taiwan). Vegetation of the lowland tropical rainforests in Taiwan. (Co-authors: W.-C. Chao, C.-F. Hsieh)
South African Development Community Prize: Peter le Roux (South Africa). Rapid altitudinal range expansion and the formation of no-analog communities in response to warming. (Co-author: M.A. McGeoch)

No award was given

Joint First Prize: Jonathon Lenoir (France).
Western European forest plant species move up in response to climate change. (Co-authors: J.C. Gegout, P.A. Marquet, P. De Ruffray, H. Brisse)
Joint First Prize: Michael Forster (Australia). Sclerophyllous response to complex environments in the heterophyllous species Acacia implexa (Benth). (Co-author: S.P. Bonser)

Next Meeting

2021 IAVS Annual Symposium: Madrid, Spain, 27 June - 2 July 2021
We are sorry to announce that the Vladivostok symposium has been cancelled. Please, read details at the symposium website. We hope to see many of you next year in Spain!


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