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Awards Poster Award

Young Scientist Poster Award

Each year IAVS recognizes the young scientist - a student, or holder of an advanced degree (undergrad/Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD) within three years of completion of his/her degree -  who has presented the most outstanding poster at the annual meeting of the Association. The winner is awarded 1000€ to be used to attend one of the subsequent two annual meetings of the Association.

First prize (tie, in alphabetical order):
Nina Fahs (Germany): 
Ecological and agricultural evaluation of different grassland management strategies (Co-author: Petr Blazek)
Gabriel Walther (Germany):  Patterns of functional rarity of mesophilic grassland species (Co-authors: Ute Jandt, Christine Römermann)

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):      
Po-Yu Lin (Taiwan): Diversity pattern of woody species along elevation in Taiwan: does the sample standardisation matter? (Co-authors: David Zelený, Ching-Feng Li)
Carolin Plos (Germany): Relationships between flowering phenology and flower traits in herbaceous species (Co-authors: Isabell Hensen, Christine Römermann)

First prize
: Martin Macek (Czech Republic): Can ecological rules survive in Himalaya? (Co-authors: Martin Kopecký, Miroslav Dvorský, Jan Wild, Jiří Doležal)
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):             
Pavel Danek (Czech Republic): Four decades of beech-spruce interactions in a Central European old-growth mountain forest. Who succeeds on which soils and how? (Co-authors: Pavel Šamonil,  Dušan Adam, Ivana Vašíčková)
Alice Stears (USA): Leaf osmotic potential affects survival probability in response to inter-annual climatic variation in a semi-arid short-grass steppe in northern Colorado (Co-authors: Dana Blumenthal, Kevin Wilcox, Julie Kray, Troy Ocheltree, Peter Adler, Daniel Laughlin)

First prize: Malgorzata Radula (Poland):
Topographic wetness index predicts soil moisture better than bioindication with Ellenberg’s indicator values (Co-authors: Tomasz Szymura, Magdalena Szymura)
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order, not by score):             
Liis Kasari (Estonia): Good dispersers disappear from European calcareous grasslands following the payment of extinction debt (Co-author: Aveliina Helm)
Francesca Jaroszynska (Norway): Shifts in biotic interactions with climate change in semi-natural grasslands in Western Norway (Co-authors: Vigdis Vandvik, Siri Lie Olsen, Kari Klanderud)

First Prize: Nathalia Bonani (Brazil).
How is fire affecting the germination of legume species? The study of Cerrado and forest species. (Co-authors: L.Felipe Daibes & Alessandra Fidelis)
Honorable Mention: Anaclara Guido (Brazil). Invasive species removal: assessing community impact and recovery from invasion (Co-author: Valério D. Pillar)
Honorable Mention: Joosep Sarapuu (Estonia). Cut evolution in cut forests? Changes in phylogenetic structure of tropical rainforests due to ecological release of leaf-cutting ants (Co-authors: Elâine Ribeiro, Bráulio A. Santos, Marcelo Tabarelli, Rainer Wirth, Inara R. Leal & Pille Gerhold)

First Prize: Sonya Geange (Australia).
Plasticity in water use traits in Australian alpine plants (Co-authors: Veronica Briceno Rodriguez, Nicola Aitken, Jose Alberto Ramirez-Valiente & Adrienne Nicotra)
Honorable mention: Gianmaria Bonari (Italy). Management effect on diversity of plants and insects in semi-natural grasslands: conflicts or reconciliation? (Co-authors: Karel Fajmon, David Zelený, Igor Malenovský, Jaroslav Holuša, Ivana Jongepierová, Petr Kočárek, Ondřej Konvička, Jan Uřičář & Milan Chytrý)
Honorable mention: Barbora Lepková (Czech Republic). Seed dispersal by free-ranging herbivores and its impact on vegetation (Co-authors: Eva Horčičková, Jaroslav Vojta & Tomáš Herben)
Honorable mention: Emma Shidola (Namibia). Assessment of vegetation diversity, structure, cover and the influence of fire in Alex Muranda research centre and Mutompo, Namibia using long-term data

First prize: Guochen Kenny Png.
Do N-fixing plants show higher root phosphatase activity on P-poor soils? (Co-authors: Etienne Laliberté, Patrick E. Hayes, Benjamin L. Turner and Hans Lambers)
Honorable Mention: Talita Zupo. Do different disturbance types affect resprouting patterns of shrub species in cerrado? (Co-authors:  Elizabeth Gorgone-Barbosa, Mariana N. Rissi and Alessandra Fidelis)
Honorable Mention: Ilka Strubelt. Changes in species composition and richness in an alluvial hardwood forest over 52 years (Co-authors: Martin R. Diekmann and Dietmar Zacharias)

First prize: Daniel Bernardo Montesinos.
The mountain vegetation of the South Andes of Peru: Syntaxonomy, ecology, phytogeography and conservation (Co-authors: Antoine M. Cleef, Karlè V. Sýkora)
Honorable Mention: Stefanie Raabe. Effect of different cutting regimes on species diversity of rewetted fens (Co-authors: Florian Sievers, Michael Manthey)
Honorable Mention: Anaclara Guido. Shrub effects on grassland vegetation in Brazilian altitude grasslands (Co-authors: Elisa Salengue, André Dresseno)

First prize: Rob Lewis.
Identifying the multi-scale spatial relationship of plant community determinants on a national scale (Co-authors: R.J. Pakeman & R.H. Marrs)
Honorable Mention: Renaud Jaunatre. New synthetic indicators to assess community resilience and restoration success (Co-authors: E. Buisson & T. Dutoit)
Honorable Mention: Jeong Soo Park. Analysis of environmental factors that affect the distribution ofDeschampsia antarctica on King George island, Maritime Antarctica (Co-author: Eun Ju Lee)

First prize: Hannes Feilhauer (Bonn, Germany).
Combining ordination and remote sensing techniques to map ecotones in a heterogeneous landscape. (Co-authors: U. Faude, S. Schmidtlein)
Honorable mention: Marcos Carlucci (Porto Alegre, Brazil). Information from tree sapling individuals reveals trait convergence and trait divergence are related to gradients in forest patches. (Co-authors: H. Streit, L. Duarte, V. Pillar)
Honorable mention: Liisa Mannvilja (Helsinki, Finland). Restoration of diversity in boreal spruce swamp forests. (Co-authors: K. Aapala, T. Haapalehto, J. Kotiaho, E. Tuittila)

First prize: Megan R. Wong (Victoria, Australia).
Vegetation and soil food web responses to resource availability in a perennial tussock grassland, south-eastern Australia. (Co-authors: J.W. Morgan, T.R. Cavagnaro)
Honorable mention: A. Fidelis (São Paulo, Brazil.) Floristic similarities of wet-grasslands in the Brazilian cerrado biome. (Co-author: V. Pivello)

First Prize: Jan Plue (Belgium).
How to sample a forest soil seed bank? (Co-authors: G. Goyens, M. van Meirvenne, K. Verheyen, M. Hermy).
Honorable mention: Krista Takkis (Estonia). Contrasting responses of two grassland species to habitat fragmentation. (Co-authors: L. Saar, A. Helm, M. Partel)
Honorable mention: Takuya Furukawa (Japan). Abrupt vegetation change along human disturbance gradient in an urban tropical dry forest, Nairobi, Kenya. (Co-authors: K. Fujiwara, S. Kiboi, S.G. Mathenge, P.B.C. Mutiso)

First Prize: Jeff Ott (North Carolina, USA).
Sharpening the focus of community patterns by adjusting phylogenetic scale.
Honorable mention: Forbes Boyle (North Carolina, USA). Using high-quality vegetation plot datasets to restore ecosystems: an example from the Coastal Plain of the Southeastern US. (Co-authors: R.K. Peet, T.R. Wentworth)
Honorable mention: Desale Okubamichael (South Africa). Host specificity and bird dispersal in the parasitic mistletoe Tapinanthus natalitius (Loranthaceae). (Co-authors: D. Ward, M. Griffiths-Ward, M.Z. Rasheed)
South African Development Community Prize: Justine Nyaga (South Africa). Impacts of fog and dew on soil moisture, respiration and nutrient cycling. (Co-authors: C.F. Musil, L. Raitt)

First Prize: Flore Viard-Cretat (France).
Does mowing increase allelopathic effects of dominants on recruitment in subalpine grasslands? (Co-authors: Christiane Gallet, Sandra Lavorel)
Second Prize: Gert Rosenthal (Germany). Restoration of wet meadow communities after sustained abandonment
Third Prize: Kai Rünk (Estonia). What are the key factors for three congeneric (Dryopteris) forest ferns with contrasting regional abundance: soil, illumination or something else? (Co-authors: Martin Zobel, Kristjan Zobel)
Honorable mention: Loek Kuiters (Netherlands). Endozoochorous seed dispersal by sheep in limestone grasslands in South Limburg, the Netherlands. (Co-authors: H.P.J. Huiskes, W.A. Ozinga, & J.H.J. Schaminée)

First Prize: Chie Itow (Japan).
A study of comparison of ecological and habitat differences between alien Ligustrum lucidum Ait. and native Ligustrum japonicum Thunb. in Japan. (Co-author: K. Fujiwara)
Second Prize: Haruka Ohashi (Japan). Impact of the native Sika deer (Cervus nippon) on the forest floor vegetation: the natural experiment. (Co-authors: Y. Hoshino, K. Oono)

First prize: Ana Luisa Diogo (Lisbon, Portugal).
Second prize: Alessandra Fidelis (Freising, Germany).
Third prize: Ligia Carvalho (Funchal, Portugal).

First Prize: Hiroko Kurokawa (Japan).
Factors explaining plant defensive investments in tropical rainforests in Borneo. (Co-authors: H. Nagamasu, T. Nakashizuka)
Second Prize: Teresa Hollingsworth. (Alaska, USA).  Environmental controls on floristic variability in Black spruce communities of interior Alaska. (Co-authors: M.D. Walker, A. Parsons)
Third Prize: Haruka Ohashi. (Tokyo, Japan). Effect of Shika deer (Cervus nippon) on species composition and plant species diversity of forest vegetation. (Co-author: Y. Hoshino)

First prize: M. Ghobadnejhad (Teheran, Iran).

Second prize: Imelda Somodi (Budapest, Hungary).
Third prize: Roberto Costi (Italy).

First prize: Diego Gurvich.
Second price: Gervasio Pineiro.
Third price: Fabina Pezzani.

First prize: Silke Werth (Germany).
Are epiphytic macrolichens faithful indicators of hemeroby in deciduous forests?
Second prize: Stephanie Clauss (Germany). Assessment of vegetation cover as a tool for environmental planning of Utila Island, Honduras. (Co-author: C. Wild)
Second prize: Astrid Søe (Germany). The effect of forest structure on soil respiration in beech forests under different management regimes

Next Meeting

2021 IAVS Annual Symposium: Madrid, Spain, 27 June - 2 July 2021
We are sorry to announce that the Vladivostok symposium has been cancelled. Please, read details at the symposium website. We hope to see many of you next year in Spain!


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