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Meetings Meeting Guidelines

Guidelines for organizers of IAVS annual symposia

The Annual Symposium is the most important activity of IAVS. The meeting organization should be conducted in collaboration between IAVS (as represented by the Meetings Committee) and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Both have unique knowledge and important roles to play in organizing the event. It is important that throughout the planning process the local organizers and the IAVS Meetings Committee interact on a regular basis and are partners in making all important decisions. The IAVS Meetings Committee will keep the IAVS Governing Board (GB) informed of all major decisions and will consult the GB when appropriate.

Inclusion as part of the meeting of short, mid‐symposium excursions, and longer pre‐ and post‐symposium excursions, is an important and widely appreciated tradition of the Association. For organizers of excursions, a separate document, "Guidelines for organizers of IAVS excursions" is available and complementary to these instructions for the Annual Symposia.


Guidelines for organizers of IAVS excursions

Excursions are one of the activities most appreciated by IAVS members. They may be short, mid-symposium excursions, or longer excursions either preceding or following the IAVS symposium. Such excursions are anticipated to provide deep knowledge and understanding of the visited country or area, primarily through the expertise of local colleagues. The main interest of participants is to learn about the flora, vegetation, environmental conditions, vegetation-environment relationships, and ecological processes of the visited area. This sort of information is not easy to obtain through normal travel because it is extremely time‐consuming or impossible to accumulate in advance knowledge of the local flora, the key sites to visit, and the critical ecological processes in play. Frequently participants take numerous photographs, which gives the casual observer the impression that their focus is on rare or unusual plants and nice landscapes. However, most are equally interested in exposure to interpretation and explanation of ecological processes, vegetation history, human influence, and similar topics. Discussion of such topics in a field setting can make the excursion a much richer experience. Excursions provide an excellent opportunity to make personal contacts and to hold scientific discussions between colleagues from different countries. Such events often serve to initiate or establish collaborative research projects and to start or strengthen personal and professional links between our members. Keep in mind that excursions are a valuable mechanism to reinforce the network of links between us and give cohesion to our Association. To assume commitment to reach a high scientific standard in the selection of sites, presentation of information, and discussion of scientific issues is to provide a great service to our colleagues and potentially catalyze unanticipated advances in our field.


Next Meeting

63rd IAVS Symposium: Sept. 20-23, 2021
The virtual event, organized by IAVS.
Visit the registration website here to register for the Symposium and to submit your abstract before the 20 June deadline.


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