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Working Groups North American Section

Contact persons: Peter Minchin (chair), Mark Fulton (vice-chair), James Moore (Secretary/Treasurer).

E-mail: chair, vice-chair and secretary/treasurer


Section report: 2018


Section report: 2017

Section report: 2013

The section was revitalized in 2013 with the election of new officers. The annual meeting of the section was held in conjunction with the ESA Vegetation Section at the ESA annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in August 2013. We are currently compiling an up-to-date list of the members of the IAVS North America Section. It is estimated that we have at least 100 members, 18 of whom attended the IAVS annual meeting in Tartu, Estonia in June, 2013. Our main goals are to increase the participation of North American plant ecologists in IAVS, promote more attendance at annual meetings by our members, and encourage more young scientists to join IAVS North America and participate in meetings.

Section report: 2008

Current membership of the Regional Section is about 400-500 members (uncertain pending final steps in Wiley-Blackwell handling of most memberships).

IAVS-NA Chair Kerry Woods represented the Section at the IAVS meeting in Stellenbosch, SA in October 2008. The Section held its annual meeting with the Vegetation Section of the Ecological Society of America at the ESA annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA in August 2009. We co-sponsor with the ESA Vegetation Section the Toni Damman Award for best student oral presentation of vegetation science research at the annual ESA meeting, by donating a 1-yr electronic subscription for JVS/AVS to the winner. The 2008 winner was David Harris, for his talk, "When will species homogenize or differentiate communities? An occupancy-based null model of the effects of species invasions." The 2009 winner will be selected in fall 2009.

IAVS President Robert Peet reported on the IAVS meeting in Stellenbosch, urged all ESA Vegetation Section members to join IAVS, and reviewed the future meetings schedule. Members expressed great satisfaction with the move of journals publication to Wiley-Blackwell.

We also co-sponsor, with the ESA Vegetation Section, symposia and Organized Oral Sessions related to vegetation science at the annual ESA meeting. Anyone seeking section co-sponsorship of a symposium or OOS proposal for the 2010 ESA meeting should contact the officers as soon as possible with a title, description, and proposed speakers – the submission deadline for both is September 15, 2009.

The section will hold elections for Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer in fall 2009.

Section Report: 2007

IAVS-NA members elected Kerry Woods to the post of Vice-Chair. He will take office at the IAVS-NA meeting at the ESA annual meeting in San Jose, CA on August 6, 2007.

Section Chair Janet Franklin represented the section at IAVS 49 in New Zealand, February 2007.

After the Chair returned from IAVS 49 in New Zealand, NA section officers agreed that at IAVS 50 in Wales, Secretary/Treasurer Susan Will-Wolf (representing the section) should propose that the IAVS-NA section chair be made a member of the IAVS council, or alternatively should be included in the list of candidates for IAVS council, to be voted on by the full IAVS membership.

Section Report: 2006

The North American section of the International Association of Vegetation Science coordinates its activities with the Ecological Society of America's (ESA) Vegetation Section, including a combined annual business meeting and now a web site ( We also work together to sponsor special symposia at the annual ESA meeting, and we are responsible for judging a number of student competitions at that meeting, including the Ton Damman award for the best student presentation in vegetation science .  The web site includes information about our activities, awards, officers, and other exciting news. The Members Only section contains a membership list and archives of past newsletters and minutes from business meetings.

Here are some highlights from the minutes of the business meeting held in August 2006 at the annual ESA meeting:

1. The current officers of the sections are as follows - IAVS-NA Section Officers: Janet Franklin, Chair; Vice Chair position is vacant and we are recruiting nominees; Susan Will-Wolf, Secretary-Treasurer. ESA Vegetation Section Officers: Scott Franklin, Chair; Mark Fulton, Vice Chair; and Randy Balice, Secretary.

2. Janet Franklin, IAVS-NA Chair, reported on upcoming IAVS meetings and other IAVS and ESA news, and so this may be redundant with information found elsewhere in the IAVS newsletter! The 49th meeting of the IAVS will be held in February 2007 in New Zealand, and the 50th meeting of the IAVS will be held in July 2007 in Wales. The 2008 meeting of the IAVS is planned for South Africa. Regarding the journals, The Journal of Vegetation Science now has an ISI impact factor of 2.1 and Applied Vegetation Science has a 1.5 impact score. We are proud of the journals and encourage everyone to submit their best vegetation science papers to the IAVS journals! It is now possible to subscribe to the journals and renew IAVS dues on-line, as well as check the journals' impact factors; see! Encourage your institutional library to subscribe if it does not already. The next ESA meeting will be held in 2007 in San Jose, California, with the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER).

3. Susan Will-Wolf, IAVS-NA Secretary-Treasurer, reposted that she is working with IAVS, and
specifically Opulus Press, to obtain an up to date membership list, and sort out the allocation of our funds to our obligations to IAVS (to support journal subscriptions in developing countries), and to our own initiatives.

4. Robert Peet reported on the VegBank project ( The VegBank is up and active. It currently contains 20 000 to 30 000 plots. There will be a draft of the international standard for plot data after the New Zealand meeting.

5. No items for inclusion in the ESA Vegetation and IAVS-NA sections' combined Newsletter have been submitted recently. The value of the Newsletter and alternative formats was discussed. One alternative would be to send out E-mail notices, as necessary. The information on the combined ESA Vegetation and IAVS-NA sections website will be updated quarterly and would substitute for a newsletter. The general consensus was to support this alternative.

6. Anyone wishing to submit items of interest to the IAVS-NA membership should contact Susan Will-Wolf ( or Janet Franklin (

Section Report: 2003

Information provided by Michael Barbour, Chair, and Susan Will-Wolf, Secretary/Treasurer. During the Fall of 2001, members of IAVS-NA elected a new Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, who assumed their duties at the IAVS-NA joint annual business meeting with the Vegetation Section of the Ecological Society of America (ESA )during ESA’s annual meeting, August 2002, in Tucson, Arizona. Current officers of IAVS-NA and their terms are: Chair Michael Barbour (2000-2003), University of California at Davis (; Vice-Chair (and Chair-Elect) David Roberts (2002-2003), Utah State University (; and Secretary/Treasurer Susan Will-Wolf (2002-2004), University of Wisconsin-Madison (

At the 2002 annual meeting, members voted to support workshops concerning a developing National Vegetation Classification (NVC) during the August 2003 meeting of ESA. They also voted to support an NSF proposal by means of Oregon State University, USA, and others to promote expanding the program package BIOPAK for all of North America. Chair Michael Barbour reported on the 45th IAVS symposium in Brazil and urged all who can to attend the 46th symposium in Italy, June 2003.

Over the past year, officers of the chapter have arranged with IAVS officials and Opulus Press to collect NA chapter dues with IAVS dues and journal subscriptions, starting with 2004 dues/subscription renewals. Dues will be $3-4 US per year, and the revenue will be used to support international travel by students and other members of the NA chapter. The officers are attempting to update and correct an Email roster of members and to gain an accurate count of members. During 2002-3, membership was
estimated at more than 300 individuals.

In February 2003, two officers of IAVS-NA (Barbour and Roberts) attended a joint meeting of the ESA’s Panel on North American Vegetation Classification and the Federal government’s Vegetation Subcommittee. The two-day meeting, in Washington, DC, successfully summarized the suite of nationwide vegetation-classification and mapping projects that are concurrently under way. A common theme of insufficient funding was apparent. Panel members voted to send their document ‘Standards for Associations and Alliances of the US National Vegetation Classification’ to the Federal Vegetation Subcommittee for their consideration and eventual ratification. The Standards document reached the subcommittee in April, and the comment period by federal agencies is still underway. The ESA Panel expanded its membership for that joint meeting to include representatives from Canada (Serguei Ponomarenko), the Czech Republic (Marcel Rejm├ínek), Mexico (Alejandro Velazquez Montes), Russia (Ayzik Solomeshch), and Spain (Daniel Sanchez-Mata).

A workshop on ‘Vegetation Analysis for Defining and Revising the National Vegetation Classification’ will be organized by Vice-Chair David Roberts for the August 2003 meeting (Sunday) of ESA in Savannah, Georgia. (See the ESA preliminary meeting program at for additional details.) At that ESA meeting IAVS-NA will hold its annual business meeting with the ESA Vegetation section during the evening of Monday, August 4, 2003, at the annual ESA meeting in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

IAVS-NA members look forward to attending the 47th IAVS Symposium in Hawai’i during July 19-29, 2004. The chapter will support the symposium with both labour and financial contributions to aid the organizing committee.

Next Meeting

2021 IAVS Annual Symposium: Madrid, Spain, 27 June - 2 July 2021
We are sorry to announce that the Vladivostok symposium has been cancelled. Please, read details at the symposium website. We hope to see many of you next year in Spain!


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